Movies on children.

I like well- made children movies, not those kinds where children look and act like adults mouthing preachy dialogues.I also wonder how the directors work with these little ones to bring in all the nuances of a magical childhood.Do they tempt them with chocolates, ice creams or promise a visit to Disneyland? It is also sad to see many popular child stars succumbing to the pressures of stardom and ending up alcoholics and drug addicts.Some have died very young and some have committed suicide- a heavy price to pay for instant fame and fortunes.I think we never let them grow and always visualise them as the adorable characters they portrayed.

Some of my  favourite movies are     The kid,To kill a mocking bird, E.T,Kramer vs Kramer, Sixth sense, The 400 blows, Le petit Nicolas, The  colour of paradise ,Children of heaven ,Turtles can fly, Masoom,Stanley ka dabba,Taare zammen par,Timepass,Shala and Fandry.

What is your favourite?

9 thoughts on “Movies on children.

  1. The movies you named here I don’t know, but I’m a fan of all Disney movies and cartoons. I find it very sad that many young celebrities are killed tragically or get addicted to alcohol and drugs and so their young and beautiful life destroy!

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