Feel  elated after coming back from   my first trek to Deotibba.What an awesome experience-wish I had gone  when I was younger and   less physically challenged.We were a group of thirty -youngest was a sprightly 9 year old&oldest-a robust  experienced 66 year old gentleman.We started off as  strangers and came back as a team-bonding over a period of 10 days in  difficult terrains.I had gone with some  apprehensions & came back a lot happier,calmer&energised.It was fascinating to see school kids  staying focussed  and behaving like seasoned trekkers  encouraging and helping the  nervous first timers.I did not see any tantrums or mood swings.








A challenging and rewarding experience and I am looking forward to more .Thank you,Himgiri Tours & Adventures.

Deo Tibba trek -May 3- 13,2015

8 thoughts on “Deo Tibba trek -May 3- 13,2015

  1. Do you like traveling as a backpacker? I think so, because if you want to see many places, you have to go further any day and that’s easier without having to drag heavy suitcases… India is a beautiful country in terms of nature and culture. Beautiful landscapes. I can think that this was a great adventure for you. Thank you for sharing these beautiful images and your adventure.
    Gr, Heidi

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    • You guessed it right,Heidi.It is challenging as well but one has to move out of their comfort zones to experience life in all its hues.There is so much to see and learn in India and I think I have not seen much.Thank you for your appreciation.

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      • This is probably so that you still have not seen everything. India is also a very big country. I have only seen a small part of Sri Lanka. All sights and nature parks are far away from each other. You have to get up early and drive hours to get there. And we had a solid stay at a hotel. Therefore it was difficult to see much and most trips were short.
        Gr, Heidi

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  2. The hotel in Sri Lanka, was on the coast. And yes, there are beautiful beaches. We often walked on the beach. I’ve taken many pictures of the waves, some birds and hermit crabs. The big beautiful temples we have not seen, but a small temple on a small island on the Madu River when we did the boat safari. We also did a Jeep safari in the national park “Udawalawe” where the elephants live and even water buffalo and various species of colorful birds like the peacock, bee-eater, herons, etc … After safari we went to a baby elephant nursery, and were allowed to watch as they feed the baby elephants. That was our best trip and adventure in Sri Lanka. Other smaller visits were the Moonstone factory, silk factory, mask shop, ruin in Galle with Portuguese, Dutch and British history and a beautiful sea ​​view. We also visit a turtle hatchery (sea turtles) and a herb garden. So that’s all.
    Gr, Heidi

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