Growing pains

What is the ideal age to switch from seeing a pediatrician to a physician ?This has been a sore point   and has led to heated debates  among my colleagues from both the specialities.We ,the humble pediatricians , feel that after the age of 12 children can be seen by GPs or physicians.I find it amusing to see  strapping   boys with acne and moustaches  waiting  in the reception  area teeming with  kids  of different age groups.Many of them are embarrassed to be seen  by their “baby” doctors but are dragged to our side by the parents.Their reasoning is  very simple-Doc,you have seen him/her from day one,can’t you see them  for some more years? Wish we get an   adolescent medicine   specialist in my hospital  .Personally I  dont want to deal with teenage issues.  It is  nice to see  these children grow into confident adults but I  don’t want  them as my patients.I am happiest when I am with my toddlers and newborns.

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