Yeah dil maange more

Last week I saw a marathi movie  Killa  and since then I have been thinking why don’t we have more of such movies. It won the award for the best marathi film  in 2014 and also some international awards.A simple tale of a child having to adjust to a new place,a new school  and classmates is  narrated  with  touching sincerity and insight.It took me back to my school days and the simple pleasures of  village life.The child actors are brilliant.How effortlessly they bring about  the pain, fear,insecurity,jealousy and above all the joy of being a child.I do not understand the language  and may have missed  subtle nuances despite the subtitles.Still it   was a deeply touching movie.I can’t help but marvel at the resilience of children.This is a must see for  children and grown ups- a sure way to revisit that magic phase of your life “childhood”.

Wish  we get to see more  of such gems.



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