Juley juley Ladakh

Ladakh is fast becoming the most favoured  destination for Indians.I was happy to see  “desis” of all age groups when I went there in August 2014.  This was on top of my wish list for a long time .Whenever I read a Leh travelogue I would tell myself that I am going there at the first  opportunity.Well ,finally I found myself in this magical land and  it was a dream coming true after months of  frenetic planning and unanticipated delays.

image (2)



How can one process so many  emotions ?Can anyone do justice to its beauty?We can take  zillion  pictures but can we capture  all the moments?You have to be there to experience the magic .I wish this land retains its purity and charm  and that  one never gets to see a KFC or Pizza hut  there.



.You may go there with   minimum expectations  but I assure you that you will return   a different person.I have read that many  got the wander bug after being there once.As for me,I want to go back and explore more .Are you a wanderer? Do you have a dream destination?

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