Rectify-have you seen it?

I  belong to that   rare species who have not seen a  single episode of Friends.Yes,I have watched bits of it   and have always been amazed by its popularity.The last series I had watched religiously was  the X Files long back. Someone recommended this Sundance  original series   and I thought of checking it out.Yes,I saw all the  three seasons and eagerly waiting to see the next.

It is about a person who has been in the death row  for 19 years  for a gruesome murder and has been  released   following DNA evidence. We get to see his struggles to adjust to his newfound freedom,his family and the society. The story is  narrated  beautifully.Each character is given adequate time to develop and  they connect to you  and one can’t wait to know what happens next.I didn’t want the series to end  and feel a sense of loss now that it is over.Each episode  is like reading a poetry.The dialogues sparkle  and there are long periods of brooding silence .The actors live their chosen roles and  I am not able to choose a favourite as all are excellent.The complex relationships    tend to test you.Kudos to the entire team for bringing out such a stunning,mesmerising  and thought provoking drama.2183404


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