My movie yatra

Many have asked me when did I get addicted to movies.I  do not have to think  long or hard as the answer I give always  is -as long as I remember.My mother and her aunt were known for their weakness for the celluloid and our childhood  days were filled with many cinema outings.There were some  days when we managed to see two movies in different theatres .Those were the premultiplex days .We  used to wait for the new releases  and the D day would  see us marching into the theatre  in our fanciest clothes.Grandparents,parents,siblings,cousins,  assorted relatives and our pet dog Tomy  made up the contingent.Tomy was granted entry as the manager of the village talkies was known to my grandfather and he would sleep throughout at our feet without a whimper.Post movie sets in the postmortem and each  one would   dissect the movies.Actors,direction,music,costumes,location,cinematography  and the most vital aspect- the story would be discussed at length.Movie stars were revered demigods.We would devour the movie magazines to learn about their life and new releases.I was introduced to  gems of regional language movies thanks to Doordarshan and discovered  many new directors.

Medical college years did nothing to dampen my interest.I found a few  kindred spirits  and merrily bunked classes to see the latest releases.All genres were explored.Also had the fortune to attend a few film festivals. I used to look forward to the Oscar awards and would see the live telecast sitting up late at night.Somehow Oscars don’t fascinate me anymore.

I am lucky that I have some good friends who are also into movies.We discuss all aspects of movies,exchange disks and enhance our knowledge.Residing in a land of more than 200 nationalities I  get to learn more about  foreign language films.   A korean couple was  delighted to know that I have seen all the movies of Kim Ki duk,Bong Joon-ho and Park Chan wook.

I am no longer interested in the actors.Directors and story writers have replaced them  .Nuri Bilge Ceylan,Hirokazu Koreeda,Wong kar wai ,Asghar Farhidi,Avinash Arun,Paresh Mokashi, Kaushik Ganguly and Srijit Mukherji are my new  heroes.

Are you a movie buff? How has been your journey?


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