Going Kutch-village tour

DSC07469We could hardly wait  for the next day and after  the breakfast set out to explore the nearby village.Each village has their own unique style of embroidery,They have a closeknit joint family system and women are given lot of respect. Women are dressed in traditional colourful clothes embellished with mirrors and intricate embroidery.They have that grace and dignity which is very appealing.We were warmly welcomed inside their humble homes.The houses are  also  beautifully decorated.Lot of colours and lot of warmth-that is how I want to remember  them.
DSC07485image (3)

image (2)image (1)

9 thoughts on “Going Kutch-village tour

      • Inspired me… I love little mirrors and I have some indian skirts with mirrors… and also pillows, table cloths too. But on the wall… WOW! I want to make one of my wall like that, I told my love, he said ohhhhhhhhhhh come on nia, we don’t have an empty wall anymore, filled by your things!!!!!!! And my answer was, create a wall for me 🙂 Anyway, this is me crazy me. Thank you, have a great day and weekend, Love, nia

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      • Thanks,Nia.It is amazing and humbling how these villagers create such stunning homes.Aren’t they better than designer homes?May your wish come true.You too have a lovely week end.

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