A Simple Act-carry it forward

It is not everyday that one comes across  simple acts of kindness that changes  lives.A Small Act is a documentary which tells the heartwarming story of Chris Mburu ,a  human rights lawyer  with United Nations.



Coming from a poor family in Kenya,his life  changes  when Hilda Back, a Swedish lady  decides to sponsor his secondary school education .This cost her about 15 $.From high school Chris Mburu goes  to University of Nairobi  and Harvard  Law  School.Inspired by his own struggles and wanting to make  a difference to the  bright students of   Mukubu  primary school ,he sets up a charitable trust and names it Hilda Back Education Fund. He manages to trace his benefactor   and  they reconnect.

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This 85 year old  sprightly  lady  also has a past.She   is a German jew   and came to Sweden as a child.Her parents did not survive the holocaust.She was a teacher and does not speak much English.She comes down to Kenya and  is treated like a star.Well , she is more than  that-a survivor with dignity,humility and kindness.


Along with this  we see the students preparing for the  test which will qualify them for the scholarship.It is touching to see their   daily struggles in the midst of   poverty and ethnic clashes.These children  know the importance of education and work hard to achive their dreams.

A simple story of ordinary people  making a difference.It is not preachy and that is what I liked most .




Hampi-The Royal Enclosure

What greeted us at the entrance  to the royal quarters was this  massive stone doors.  PB110231

The guide informed us that elephants were used to  open the doors .I could not help thinking  how the  marauding  troops managed to  bring it down.What I saw inside was even more distressing.A vast expanse of ruins  but whatelse can you expect from the areas ravaged most.


There are still some impressive structures .Mahanavami dibba stands tall and imposing.This is a  central platform from where the kings used to watch   festivities,royal processions and military parades.

PB110214 (1)

This is part of the 600 year  old aqueducts  and in 1985 the Archeological survey of India excavated a stepped tank.Impressive finding and remarkably well preserved.



Further ahead is the Queen’s bath.Looking rather drab  it has a sunken bath with arched corridors and windows.




DSC07201 (1)

Royal enclosure     may have lost its grandeur  but these are places where time stands still.

Hampi-a lost kingdom

Hampi is a UNESCO heritage site of hundreds of monuments,temples and pavilions situated 353 km from Bangalore.This was the capital of  Vijayanagar empire  that ruled most of South India between  the 14th and 16th centuries.King Krishnadevaraya was the most popular ruler  and he brought about a lot of  reforms and  was a patron of arts and literature.In 1565,it was invaded and looted by the Deccan Muslim Confederacy and  what we see now are  only the ruins of this  great kingdom.

Our first stop was the Zanana enclosure.This was  reserved for the royal ladies and has  three huge watch towers.A characteristic feature  of the structures is the distinct Indo Islamic style of architecture.




This is the Lotus Mahal.Note the arches   and the domes.We could only admire it from outside as entry is  prohibited inside.Wonder how long it took to make such exquisite  carvings.




Located near the Zanana enclosure is another impressive structure.This is the  royal elephant stable.This is remarkably well preserved and has  11 domed chambers.Each one can accommodate two elephants  and these are interconnected.



Guards Quarters is next to the elephant stable.This is  another fine example of  indo islamic architecture.Inside the archeology department has displayed the statues and artifacts recovered from the ruins.