A Simple Act-carry it forward

It is not everyday that one comes across  simple acts of kindness that changes  lives.A Small Act is a documentary which tells the heartwarming story of Chris Mburu ,a  human rights lawyer  with United Nations.



Coming from a poor family in Kenya,his life  changes  when Hilda Back, a Swedish lady  decides to sponsor his secondary school education .This cost her about 15 $.From high school Chris Mburu goes  to University of Nairobi  and Harvard  Law  School.Inspired by his own struggles and wanting to make  a difference to the  bright students of   Mukubu  primary school ,he sets up a charitable trust and names it Hilda Back Education Fund. He manages to trace his benefactor   and  they reconnect.

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This 85 year old  sprightly  lady  also has a past.She   is a German jew   and came to Sweden as a child.Her parents did not survive the holocaust.She was a teacher and does not speak much English.She comes down to Kenya and  is treated like a star.Well , she is more than  that-a survivor with dignity,humility and kindness.


Along with this  we see the students preparing for the  test which will qualify them for the scholarship.It is touching to see their   daily struggles in the midst of   poverty and ethnic clashes.These children  know the importance of education and work hard to achive their dreams.

A simple story of ordinary people  making a difference.It is not preachy and that is what I liked most .





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