Narikala Fortress-deja vu once more.


Narikala Fortress seen from the cable car

Narikala Fort is a prominent landmark in Tbilisi. It was constructed in the  4 century and  was expanded by the Arabs  and Mongols over the centuries.In 1827 an earthquake destroyed parts of the fort  and today we see remnants of what was once a heavily fortified  citadel.

We took the cable car to go up the hill.It costs  1 lari and takes  2 minutes.We could also walk up the hill but I had seen the cable car from our room and wanted to try it.


From the top you can enjoy a  spectacular panoramic view of the city.I was trying to identify the places and  was delighted to locate our  house.



It is a steep climb.You can find vendors with cold drinks and refreshments.  Most of the fortress is in ruins  though some parts look well preserved.



Finally we reached ‘HOME’ to see Mother of Georgia   up close and personal.She did look massive and formidable.There is just a narrow strip in front of the statue and I was not adventurous enough to   go across and take  her anterior views.



From this statue there are many trails going up the hill  We decided to walk down stopping at many places and taking pictures.One has to watch the steps as there are no railings and it is quite steep.

This fort  offers a beautiful sight at night.


coutresy google images

I had another   deja vu.


Mehrangarh fort,Jodhpur

This was taken in 2010  when the fort was  decked up to celebrate the  wedding of the king of Jodhpur.




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