Uplistsikhe-The Lord’s Fortress-A peek into the Iron Age

Uplistsikhe is  one of oldest  urban settlements in Georgia and dates back to the Iron Age.It had been through multiple invasions and also ravages of time and a massive earthquake.What we get to see now are these enormous rock cut structures.According to legends the slaves were given tools made of  gold and metal and they had to toil till the metal wore out.And then they were granted freedom and also the gold .I wish they had a choice !


In its heydays this place had about 700 rock structures of which only 150 remain.The oldest inhabitants were pagan worshippers.

We reached the site  at noon and  set out to explore the caves.There is a bit of steep climbing and one has to watch out for the slopes and pits.I went inside the caves expecting to see some distinct features  but most look alike.It is hard to believe that there was once a sprawling city with  temples,houses, hospitals,pharmacy,prison and interconnecting streets.Amazing how they have they carved into the rocks  with primitive tools.






There are no drawings or carvings .Just bare walls with empty nooks.










068 (1)

IMG_5679 This is the  10th century church  at the site of the original pagan temple.

I hope  this unique cave complex makes it to the list of UNESCO heritage sites  soon.








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