Dragon Tales-The Bridge on the River Po

As I   was coming out of the Punakha dzong  I  could see a long bridge in the distance  and wanted to  have a closer look.After  a short   trek through a dirt path  I am standing on the bridge and as expected this was another  magnificent structure.It is  the second  longest suspension bridge in Bhutan and  stretches over the Po Chhu.  I knew it would take considerable time to cross the bridge  but it was too good to pass up .I associate bridges with romance and pathos and this bridge  was exceptional  all the way.

unnamed (1)

The mighty bridge spanning 350 m

unnamed (2)

A long way to go

The bridge is sturdier and less  bouncy  compared to the one in  Paro  and  offers  stunning views of the  mountains and villages.I saw a variety of people on the bridge-school children,villagers, monks and  a quadruped.

The lone monk pc:Dr Bruno

unnamed (3)

Back from the school


In meditation

Colorful prayer flags seemed to be telling me something and I wished I could read what is written on them.It started swaying  gently as I reached the centre.I think this bridge would make an ideal location for movies.But it is not very easy  getting permits for movie shooting.  Bhutan has strict regulations and hefty royalty fees . Bhutan April 2016 395IMG_0767

unnamed (4)

Gently flows the River Po


Now I am at the other end and a prayer wheel welcomes you to the village.A two storey building   and rice fields  are the main sights.d2d1

unnamed (7)

Is this a museum ? office ? residence ? This is a general store.

An old lady was seen turning the prayer wheel and  three kids were playing in the court yard.They  were very friendly and curious  and asked  a lot of questions.  I can’t remember the last time  a child wanted to know my name ! The youngest kid was the centre of attention and she entertained us with her antics.Even the dogs were in awe of her.

unnamed (9)


unnamed (13)

Little Miss Sunshine


unnamed (12)

The boss with her loyal guards

The girls   insisted on accompanying me  to the other end.They cross the bridge  every day to go  to the school and dzong.I had to coax them to go back after we reached half way and made a promise to visit them before they start going to college.I looked on as they waltzed their way back.

Today was  a day of serendipitous moments and I  wish I  could stay.

unnamed (8)


40 thoughts on “Dragon Tales-The Bridge on the River Po

  1. WOW! These are amazing photographs, fascinated me. But to be honest dear Sidran, I wouldn’t have crossed the bridge 🙂 I would have stayed where I were… Makes me dizzy… Thank you, Have a nice day and new week, Love, nia

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you,Harshani.All buildings are mandated to maintain the traditional architecture.It is a bit confusing as banks,hospital,post office,bus stations ,houses ,etc look similar.Some may find the aesthetic uniformity boring but I like it very much and am tempted to have a typical Bhutanese window for my home !


    • I was also skeptical initially.I was careful and at that time there were not many people on the bridge.Wonder how it would have been if I had more company in the form of cattle or people !


  2. The bridge looks frightening in my eyes. I’m not sure I would dare to walk across the bridge. Maybe I should follow the monk. If he has faith in the bridge, so do I 🙂 But the view is amazing, also the pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That was a terrific post, Sidran. The bridge looks scary to walk across, but the photos you took were worth it. The kids are beautiful, and so are the doggies.
    I’ll probably never get to visit there, so I am happy for your offerings.
    The monk, in his red and orange cuts a wonderful sight through natures colors. Wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

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